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Japanese Wood Joinery

Japanese Wood Joinery

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In ancient times, Japanese architecture and furniture were crafted entirely with wooden joinery, without the use of metal. As a result, woodworking techniques were highly developed in Japan. Today, artisans known as "miyadaiku" carry on this tradition, especially in the restoration and construction of temples and shrines. This photobook focuses on woodworking, providing clear and beautiful photographs along with explanations of these techniques. "KONGO GUMI," a carpentry company in Osaka, is the world's oldest existing company, with a history spanning over 1,400 years since its founding in 587 AD.


TITLE :Japanese Wood Joinery

ARTIST : Kiyoshi Seike

PUBLISHER : Tanko sha

YEAR : 1979

LANGUAGE : Japanese

SIZE : 27cm×19.2cm

WEIGHT : 740g +Packing weight

FORMAT : Hard cover

CONDITION : Very good

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