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kindom of flowers 1-4 complete set

kindom of flowers 1-4 complete set

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A four-volume set of botanical books published by the naturalist Hiroshi Aramata in 1990. Aramata compiled a new botanical encyclopedia from his own collection of Western and Eastern botanical paintings dating from the 17th to the 19th century. 

It consists of four volumes on ornamental plants, medicinal plants, useful plants, and exotic plants.


TITLE :kindom of flowers 1-4 complete set

ARTIST : Hioshi Aramata

PUBLISHER : Heibonsha

YEAR : 1990

LANGUAGE : Japanese

SIZE : 29.5cm×23cm

WEIGHT : 3480g +Packing weight

FORMAT : Hard cover

CONDITION : Very good.Part of the dust jacket cover of vol.2 is discolored.


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