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Sandwich Silencer

Sandwich Silencer

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The only art book published in 1974 by Sandwichi Silencer, a legendary graphic group formed in 1969 by photographers, graphic designers, and illustrators. World-renowned photographs of Osamu Nagaharma, Noriaki Kanoh, Masayoshi Sukita, etc. Product designers such as Ie and Shiro Kuramata are participating as members.

This is known as a rare book and is very difficult to find, but unfortunately this copy has wet marks at the bottom of the last third of the pages. Although it is not suitable for collection, it is recommended for those who want to read the contents.


TITLE : Sandwich Silencer

ARTIST : Katsumi Asaba, Noriaki Kanoh,Keisuke Konishi,Shiro Kuramata, Ikuo Sakurai, Keisuke Nagatomo, Seitaro Kuroda, Takahisa Kamijyo, Masayoshi Sukita, Minoru Takahashi, Hiroshi Tomura,Shinzo Higurashi,Masuteru Aoba, Osamu Nagahama, Yamato Shiine, Takamichi Itoh

 PUBLISHER : Oritsu Shuppan

YEAR :1974

LANGUAGE : Japanese

SIZE : 25.7cm×20cm

WEIGHT : 1200g +Packing weight

FORMAT : Soft cover

CONDITION : There are wet marks at the bottom of the second half of the page.

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