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HYAKKI YAGYO(Reservation item)

HYAKKI YAGYO(Reservation item)

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Sekien Toriyama, who lived in 18th-century Japan, was a painter who dedicated his life to giving form to Yokai, creatures that appear in legends, folktales, and other stories. Many of the Yokai known in Japan today were depicted by him, and Shigeru Mizuki, the most famous Yokai artist, drew heavily from Sekien Toriyama's illustrations. This book introduces the original version of Sekien's masterpiece "HYAKKI YAGYO (Night Parade of One Hundred Demons)."



ARTIST : Sekien Toriyama

PUBLISHER : Kokusho Kankokai

YEAR : 1999

LANGUAGE : Japanese

SIZE : 26.5cm×19cm

WEIGHT : 1150 g +Packing weight

FORMAT : Hard cover

CONDITION : Very good

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