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Hell"s Angels

Hell"s Angels

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This is a photobook of the New York Hells Angels published by Osamu Nagahama in 1981. Nagahama captured the transition from the "Nomad New York Aliens" motorcycle team, which preceded the NY Hells Angels, to the Hells Angels from 1969 to 1981. In an interview, Nagahama expressed his desire to create a photobook similar to Ed Van Ersken's "LOVE ON THE LEFT BANK," which inspired him to become a photographer, thus motivating him to create this collection of photographs.


TITLE :Hell"s Angels

ARTIST : Osamu Nagahama

PUBLISHER : Keibunsha

YEAR : 1981

LANGUAGE : Japanese

SIZE : 28.5cm×21.5cm

WEIGHT : 940g +Packing weight

FORMAT : Hard cover

CONDITION : There is some damage to the corners of the dust jacket. Otherwise very good condition.

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